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ALERON first came into existence in 2006 as the alumni ensemble of the Ateneo de Manila High School Glee Club under the musical direction of Christopher Ong Arceo. Today, the group is composed of male choristers from different backgrounds.


Ensemble Director

The Choir



ALERON, being an all‐male ensemble, is geared towards exploring the male choral soundscape. Through innovative programming and the performance of repertoire across musical styles and genres, the group aims to deliver to its audiences a diverse and unique choral experience.


ALERON, translated from Latin as “the winged one,” not only aims to soar towards all‐male musical excellence, but, more importantly, to enjoin its audiences to experience and embrace its unique brand of choral music.


Aleron Launches Their Journey to Europe

ALERON recently launched their debut Christmas album “Dakilang Hiwaga,” which includes a wide variety of songs. Also included in the album are some songs from their European Concert and Competition tour repertoire. The group aims to further cement the Filipino’s...

Every time ALERON performs, they tell a convincing story. Excellent singing, substantive repertoire, innovative programming, and a humble presence that uplifts the soul.

Dr. Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng

Conductor - Ateneo College Glee Club / UP Dawani Women's Choir, Professor - University of the Philippines College of Music

A new instrument has emerged! The performances of ALERON have left the audience in awe and admiration. The broad spectrum of solid male voices of the group will surely provide reason and inspiration for composers to write new and interesting works for the expressive instrument that the group is becoming. We look forward to seeing and hearing more of ALERON and hopefully, for a long, long time.

Mark Anthony Carpio

Conductor, Philippine Madrigal Singers

“It is truly rare to find choral groups, especially non-professionals, who are daring enough to tackle and perform contemporary compositions. But what also sets them apart, is the sincere interest and dedication of each singer to learn, understand, and critique these new works and a willingness to collaborate with the creative process of the composer. The Philippines, has found a new treasure in this group.”

Dr. Robin Estrada


The group has grown solid with extreme maturity, discipline and self-assurance. None can claim close enough to being as good as ALERON.

Alex Cortez

Artistic Director, Church of the Risen Lord